Geneva & Lori,

You did a spectacular job on Saturday! It was, by far, the most challenging and fun trail race I have done so far! The runners I spoke with afterwards said the same thing. It was extraordinarily hard (which is a GOOD thing) and the trails you chose were beautiful. It definitely WAS a run through the woods!!

Only recommendations I would make for next year is:
1) Better mile marking
2) Better trail marking. There was actually a point in the run where both myself and two other runners had to completely stop at a fork in the road where pink flags were staked in BOTH directions! After a minute or two of hmmm’ing and haw’ing, we decided on one direction. By then, we had lost our pace. ONLY bummer of the whole event (and a minor, easily corrected one).

Thank you so much for a wonderful event, and great post-race bling and food!!!!! I will definitely be there for your Turkey Trot!!!


I really enjoyed the race! Great volunteers, great time. I finished 38/40, but that was a difficult race. My first ever 10 mile race, and full trail race. I’m addicted! :) it was tough, but I finished. I thought there was plenty of water stations etc. VERY friendly volunteers. Well mapped out, easy to follow the trails. I thought it was great!


Hi Geneva and Lori,

Thank you for a great run, I enjoyed the heck out of it. I also really like my wood finisher “medal”, I’m actually passing on the Maxwell contact info. to the group at my office that started an annual canoe and kayak race on the Clinton River this year, they want to see what they can do with a paddle theme for next years race.

I have been thinking about next year if it is chip timed you may want to consider having the 5 and 10 milers start at separate times in order to keep the narrow stretches of the trail less congested and to help us runners keep our pace more consistent so there’s less chance of being in mixed “company”.

Thanks again for a great run and the input,



Great race. My first all trail race. Nice, challenging, but not insane course. One more water stop would of been nice, but I should of brought my own like I usually do. Will do this race again next year.

One more thing… The medal is incredible! What a wonderful treat to an already excellent event! Again, THANK You!

Well done – will look forward to particpating next year.

Suggestions / Comments:

1. Maintain participant cap. Small increase would be OK – but given tightness of course it was good not to be interfering with others.
2. Ran the 5 Mile. Was actually 5.33 per Garmin (guy behind me had 5.35 on his GPS). No problem with longer distance but at 4.8 miles I thought I had missed 5 / 10 mile split that was suppose to be at 4.5 miles. Other than that – course marking was very good.
3. Course was perfect mix of hills / dirt and roads. Better than Pinkney (ran trail 1/2 marathon three times).
4. Mug for first in age was very nice touch – much better and more usefull than a medal.
5. Replace Performance T-shirt with a Cotton T-shirt – or option of no t-shirt. Always like a cotton Tee to wear casual – performance/plastic tees are pretty useless. Usually give away to Good-will.
Again – great job, thank the Volunteers. On my “recommended” list.


I liked the water/Gatorade stations. I thought the course was marked well w/ pink flags, up until the orange cone. There was no sign & a couple of us walked around the area finding it a little confusing. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day!


Hi Geneva and Lori,

I really have nothing at all to even quibble about regarding the race. It was a lot of fun, well-marked, sufficient water stops, beautiful course etc.

I really don’t have anything to suggest other than perhaps a few mile markers along the way though most people have watches indicating the distance they’ve traveled and the runners did have some general idea of distance based on where you indicated the water stops would be.

So, in a a good way, I’m sorry I don’t have anything to suggest. Great race.